CyHerbia Botanical Park

I took this pictures at CyHerbia Botanical Park and Labyrinth in the village of Avgorou, it includes nine beautifully landscaped herb gardens, a woodland area with endemic trees and shrubs landscaped in the shape of Cyprus. Worth to visit 

Green landscape of Austria

1 Week of Austria – and that intensive. The pure green colours with a Pinch of orange which comes with the ottom. Beautiful – this pictures where taken from Styria – Gamlitz „the famous winearea“ We took a drive through the hills which looks like a Fairytale anf had some lunch in a „Buschenschank“ Heuriger…


I am on my way to Austria.  Took a new book With me – called olivetree. I can just recoment  (finished 280 pages on one day haha…) Can’t wait to see the green land, the high mountains,taste the great food and fantastic wine and smell the air of rain.  Keep you updated 🙂

Blue sea blue sky 

Perfect day in Cape Creco / Protaras.  You can just enjoy all day chilling in the white sand by the blue sea and snorkel with the fish. Enjoy Cocktails and Sushi. or be crazy and jump down the caves 8-10 meters. 🙂 ( see the video) worth to visit.

My latest shoot 

My latest magazine just came out. Here are some shots, have in mind it was a 9 hour shoot in the sun and over 40 ° degrees… it was awful, but job is job 🙂 the result has to be done and that nicly..

Download Energy 

Sometimes we feel Trapped, stucked, emty lost or closed up like a fish in a fishbowl swimming in Circles? Everyone feels that way sometimes. Try to connect with nature, download narure and the energie you need. It does not cost a cent. It might sound weird for some people but it works, for me it…

Beach day – love it

  It is called fig tree bay because there are so many fig trees growing. Thats how you find it I have spend all my day off at the beach in Protaras, Figtree Bay had lunch (sushi) at Koi sushi bar (can bay hotel), I can really recommend that restaurant if you should be in…

Dancing with the Orange sun

Outfit: blouse and shorts from Zara Thats what we did yesterday take your cams and shooted some amazing pictures at tje saltlake while sundowner.  Have to say no picture is edited or has a filter on it.


Nature doesnt need editing or filters.  Even a simple photo made with the phone is simply amazing. I spend all afternoon by the sea reading anf swimming.

Kevin Murphy – fashion trend report 17

Marianne Jensen & Muha Matti Manninen Here some Backstage Photos from the Fashion trend report 2017 with Kevin Murphy which too place in cyprus. Fell in love with the location patio cocktailbar in Nikosia. It was fun. And a plessure to meet the talent Marianne Jensen which is a wonderful woman full of Humor.